50 MCQ/GK Question with Answer on Avalanche

50 MCQ/GK Question with Answer on Avalanche
  1. What is an avalanche?
    Answer: An avalanche is a rapid flow of snow, ice, and/or rock down a slope.

  2. What causes an avalanche?
    Answer: An avalanche is caused by the weight of accumulated snow on a slope that exceeds the strength of the snowpack.

  3. What are the three types of avalanches?
    Answer: The three types of avalanches are slab, loose snow, and wet snow.

  4. What is a slab avalanche?
    Answer: A slab avalanche occurs when a layer of snow breaks loose and slides down a slope.

  5. What is a loose snow avalanche?
    Answer: A loose snow avalanche occurs when loose, unconsolidated snow slides down a slope.

  6. What is a wet snow avalanche?
    Answer: A wet snow avalanche occurs when wet, heavy snow slides down a slope.

  7. What is the danger zone of an avalanche?
    Answer: The danger zone of an avalanche is the area where an avalanche can occur.

  8. What is avalanche terrain?
    Answer: Avalanche terrain is any slope that has the potential for an avalanche to occur.

  9. What is a snowpack?
    Answer: A snowpack is a layer of snow that has accumulated on the ground.

  10. What is a weak layer?
    Answer: A weak layer is a layer of snow in the snowpack that is weaker than the surrounding snow.

  11. What is a crown?
    Answer: A crown is the uppermost part of an avalanche where the snow has broken loose.

  12. What is a fracture line?
    Answer: A fracture line is the line where the snow has broken loose in an avalanche.

  13. What is a runout zone?
    Answer: A runout zone is the area at the bottom of a slope where an avalanche comes to a stop.

  14. What is an avalanche path?
    Answer: An avalanche path is the route that an avalanche takes down a slope.

  15. What is avalanche forecasting?
    Answer: Avalanche forecasting is the process of predicting the likelihood of an avalanche occurring.

  16. What is an avalanche bulletin?
    Answer: An avalanche bulletin is a report that provides information about the current avalanche conditions.

  17. What is an avalanche beacon?
    Answer: An avalanche beacon is a device that emits a signal that can be used to locate someone buried in an avalanche.

  18. What is avalanche rescue?
    Answer: Avalanche rescue is the process of locating and rescuing someone who has been buried in an avalanche.

  19. What is a snow pit?
    Answer: A snow pit is a hole dug into the snowpack to analyze the layers of snow.

  20. What is a snow probe?
    Answer: A snow probe is a long, thin pole used to measure the depth of the snowpack.

  21. What is a shovel?
    Answer: A shovel is a tool used to dig and move snow.

  22. What is a ski patrol?
    Answer: A ski patrol is a group of trained individuals responsible for ensuring the safety of skiers and snowboarders.

  23. What is a backcountry?
    Answer: A backcountry is an area outside of a ski resort that is not patrolled or maintained.

  24. What is a backcountry skiing?
    Answer: Backcountry skiing is skiing in the backcountry.

  25. What is snowmobiling?
    Answer: Snowmobiling is the recreational use of snowmobiles.

  26. What is snowshoeing?
    Answer: Snowshoeing is the recreational use of snowshoes.

  27. What is heli-skiing?
    Answer: Heli-skiing is skiing accessed by helicopter.

  28. What is a ski resort?
    Answer: A ski resort is a place where people can ski, snowboard, and engage in other winter activities.

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